Tilman Hagner

Success depends equally on the factual contexts as well as on the people involved.
Many years of experience in various industries and positions, as an employee of a large corporation, as a founder of an own company, and as an self employed trainer and consultant allow me to look at a situation from various perspectives.
Tangible experience in industrial production and in founding of a company as well as practical and methodical knowledge in soft skills such as leadership and change management give me competence even for complex, cross-divisional challenges.

  • Strong team player with leadership experience in the biomedical industry and successful founder in the tourism business.
  • Many years of experience as an employee as well as self-employed.
  • Extensive practical production experience, lean manufacturing.
  • Several years of experience as trainer and consultant in industry and administration with topics such as project management, leadership, change management.
  • Graduate Engineer Biomedical Engineering.